Meet the Team

Understanding your company’s online needs is essential. By combining our diverse knowledge and individual skills, we have built a strong team. After we analyze and establish your company’s goals, we can then create and maintain your brand presence- your reputation depends on it!

Leif E. Martinez

Emily Smith

Lia Winters

Tyler Peterson
Social Media
Content Writer

What JSM Thinks?

Jigsaw believes that the old foundation of marketing is just that…old. Marketing through print, television and radio is a one-sided conversation with customers; a conversation where ideas are being pushed at them. We believe your customers are smarter than that. The question isn’t whether a customer wants a product or service…they can figure that one out on their own. It’s deciding who they purchase that product or service from that matters.

“Social media is about sharing information, ideas and experiences in both directions. More importantly, it’s about making a connection with the people that matter.

We know push marketing does not work in the social media world. We get it. And we want to help you get it too!

What JSM Does?

Here’s where we come in. Your company most likely has a website. You may already be on Facebook and Twitter. That’s a great start, but is your company maximizing those social media channels? Are you interacting with your existing customers? Or providing the right info to attract new clients? Most importantly, are your message being heard over all the Internet noise? Jigsaw thinks the best relationship with customers is a two-way relationship, where your message is delivered and their feedback received. By using all avenues of social media with tailored marketing tactics individualized to your company, we will help you build those relationships. Jigsaw will make your company social!

Why JSM Gets It?

We understand the challenges, financial aspects and time it takes to market your business. Why? Because we are a small business and we use the same strategies for our business as we will for yours. In a nutshell, JSM makes your company social.